Let’s find out what is carrageenan?

It is an ingredient found on seaweed, which ispretty famous in the food industry, particularly in meat and dairy products. They are a set of creased sulphated polysaccharides, extracted from red ripe seaweeds. The major reason behind their extensive application is that they have stabilizing, solidifying, and forming properties, which are extremely useful in food items and some other items.Kappa-carrageenan includes just one sulphatesetper disaccharide; while Iota-carrageenan possesstwo of them, whereas Lambda-carrageenan includes three.


Know the basic properties of carrageenan

Carrageenan has a few major properties that make them vital.The major properties of carrageenan are:

  • Solubility – all the three types of carrageenan are easily solublein warm waters. Whereas lambda carrageenan is only soluble in cold water.
  • Stability –one more carrageenan property is that carrageenan solution is firm at alkaline pHs or neutral pHs.But, at lower pHs their constancyreduces, particularly at high temperatures.
  • Reactivity with proteins –this is very important property. The high reactivity of carrageenan with proteins is the major reason of its huge application in dairy and meat products.This quality makes carrageenan unlike from several other hydrocolloids.
  • Thickness –the thickness of carrageenan based on rather some aspects.The thickness of carrageenan solutions is based on the presence, temperature, and concentration of other solutes, the variety of carrageenan plus its molecular burden.

The Misconceptions about carrageenan

Well, people have always erroneous the two since they originate from the similar sources.Furthermore, there was a fake scientific research around the 2000s stating that carrageenan was unsafe. They had done tests and researches regarding the ingredient simply to determine that whether or not it could be dangerous. Afterward, it was proved that the topic of the research was really the poligeenan- not the carrageenan. However the harm has been experienced and people have made their own views regarding the compound.


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