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Are you facing a problem with your i-phone? Did your i-phone often get a free fall? Forgot password of your i-phone? Facing software issues in your i-phone? Solution to all these i-phone repair problems is Flash Fix. Be it anything to your valuable i-phone, just bring to Flash Fix.

About the company: Flash Fix is an Electronic repair company with an experience of more than 10 years in the repair industry. Flash Fix has an experienced and highly technical staff to mend your i-phone issues. Flash Fix gets the job done quickly and at affordable and competitive prices. I-phone is really a valuable gadget. If it get a damage, proper care should be taken coz one cannot afford to gave his i-phone in wrong hands. Flash Fix has a reliable and accountable staff that has solution to each of your i-phone problems.

Flash Fix

Issues repaired at the Flash Fix:

  • Screen replacement: Due to free fall or external shocks, your i-phone screen may get a crack or may be simply damaged. Replacing the screen is comment to-do job of the company. Flash Fix has the required expertise to take the right decision and provide quick replacements of cracked screens to supply genuine and authentic parts.
  • Charging port repair: one of the common defects in phone is in charging port due to improper use. Also, with the time the port becomes loose and faulty. This needs an expert care, who can mend it in right way.


Apart from the above mentioned some of the common issues that an i-phone faces, there are a lot more problems such as software issues, locking and security, display color issues, hanging problems, data loss, etc. these all problems can be addressed in the experts guidance at Flash Fix.




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