Quality of woods, better found in unpainted furniture

Unpainted furniture is the one that is not given a proper finish. People prefer unfinished product among furniture as they allow a little more of personalization. The type of wood and its quality can be better found in unpainted furniture.

How unpainted furniture help you with choosing a better wood?

Unfinished furniture are not painted or do not have a perfect finish applied to them. Therefore the natural quality of wood is visible to the buyer. However in finished furniture, there are chances of being cheated with a poor quality of wood. As it is painted properly, one cannot find the type of wood and its quality.

The name “wood furniture” does not mean that all the furniture you buy is solid wood. Sometimes, wood furniture is made by compressing the shaved particles of solid or real wood in high pressure. The above mentioned kind of wood furniture does not last longer.

unpainted furniture

This limitation is not found in unpainted furniture. As they are not coated with a paint or oil or wax or stain, the seller cannot hide the type and quality of the furniture even if he wishes to. Also, the buyer can also be satisfied with his purchase and its quality as the product stands as an empirical evidence for its quality.

Also the breakage, gaps and the other flaws in the wood are exposed to the buyer that helps him to choose whether he can buy the wood or not.

In short, the true quality of the wood is better identified in unpainted furniture than the finished product. The absence of paint or wax gives the user better ideas on how to finish them, fix their flaws. Also it helps him with ideas on maintenance to make the furniture last longer.

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