How can your body respond to Steinzeit diät ?

If you are reading this, it means you have definitely heard about steinzeit diät and you are trying to explore how this has turned out for the people, before you actually adopt this diet plan. You want a clearer picture of what all dishes it can included, people were using what all items to feed themselves during this journey and how long they are able to continue it.

So, first the basic concept about steinzeitdiät is a diet which is much more natural and raw. In simple lay man’s language it means diet of stone-age man. This includes herbs, fruits, eggs, meat, fish, vegetable, nuts in your diet and avoiding of products like grain which are cultivated and have humans prone to higher number of diseases.

Has it actually changed the quality of lives?

Dieticians claim that this Steinzeit diät can reduce the diseases like obesity, diabetes and cardiac issues too. But what was the experience of people when they actually tried it practically.

"paleo ernährung erfahrung"

Steinzeit diät erfahrung of people are as follow:-

  • People have reduced upto 25 kg during this journey in 18 months. This means this is better than many weight reducing plans people adopt and then gain double when they drop these plans because it was done without starving.
  • When people stopped stuffing themselves with breads, pizzas, pastas, burgers they had a better digestion process.
  • It is because of the modern day diet that people suffer from more hormonal imbalances and have pimples. These dishes have even reduced the pimples and acne in many cases, which means a beautiful skin. So even dermatologists have started recommending this stone age diet.


After hearing number of Steinzeit diät erfahrung, it can be seen that this diet is mentally and physically making humans stronger and healthier.


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