What are the advances in gaming technology

There are a number of advances in gaming technology and that is the reason for PS to come out with newer versions like PS2, PS3 and PS4. Xbox too has come out with different versions, all due to the advances which have been made to the gaming world. The gaming phenomenon however started very early in the 80s.

However, today’s gaming systems have technology which have 3D scanning as well as it has face recognition technology too. This allows you to create an avatar that resembles you and so you can have your likeness in the world of gaming. You can even transfer your expressions to the creations of yours in the digital media. You can even play games that adapt to the emotions of the gamer using scanning of 78 different points which are on the face of the person. Using this, grimaces will decrease the level of difficulty of the game and so on.

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There are games which do not even require the gamer to use the console as they are voice controlled and recognize commands of the gamer. You can also interact on social media or search the web or even play selections which are in the media library all using voice commands.

There are gesture control games where using natural movements you can connect to the game.

Games like which are on the PS4 have amazing graphics and the textures are almost realistic. There is high quality which almost makes the player believe he or she is in the game.

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