What are the most popular slot machines

There are a number of casino games but whether it is an online casino like ion casino or an actual casino on land, the most popular are the slot machines. These are populated by all kinds of people as there is no strategy required but it is pure luck.

The thrill which one gets when they hear clinking coins, the blinking lights, the buzzing sounds, the ringing of the huge bell or bells and finally the winning of the jackpot, is next to none. Slots are extremely popular among sites like ion casino and other such casinos.

ion casino

These literally epitomize the modern day casino gambling. The online casinos like ion casino have 3D graphics and they have wonderful effects. There are also interactive bonuses which one can get and different movie franchises too.

The most popular of all online slot games are:

  1. Magic Seven of Frankie Dettori: This slot machine is a commemoration of the best sporting achievement ever. It has graphics which show the historic day by Frankie. The game consists of 5 reels and it has 25 pay lines. It also has free spin bonuses as well as expanding wilds. In this game, you are to line up a minimum of 3 symbols in order. The grand prize is for 5 of Frankie’s headshots. In this you will get 7777 times your wager.
  2. Iron Man 2 is another popular slot game and in this too there are 5 reels and 25 lines. It has a progressive jackpot which randomly gets triggered. This game is exciting and you even get to fire heavy weaponry. There are bonuses which keep you glued to the machine and it is seriously addictive stuff.

These are just 2 of the most popular of online slot games. There are many more on sites like ion casino.

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