What are the various advantages of free public wifi

Free wifi for the public are one of the newest requests which citizens are asking for. These are free wifi zones which are created and the public can have access to the internet when they are in these zones. All they need is a phone, laptop, computer or any sort of device which supports wifi.

There are various benefits that these free wifi access has:

  1. In cases of disaster relief, collaboration is possible as well as organization of volunteers and people who can help in any sort of way. People were able to send messages to their loved ones informing them of their safety. In such cases, all that is needed is a solar panel or a small generator to run the wifi zone.

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  1. In today’s world the great divide is between people who have and have not got information. There are communities of people who are being left far behind just because they have no access to the digital world or are not aware of the leaps and bounds of technology or even what are the breakthroughs being made every day in almost all fields. There are people who eat out just because the restaurant has free wifi or there are students who drive all the way to their school just to access information using the wifi system there. Free wifi will put an end to all that and people will be able to do their homework, check their mails, have access to information and more in the zone.
  2. Towns that have free wifi attract tourists. The town is recognized as being progressive and cool. It is thought of as a progressive city or town rather than a regressive one.

Free wifi will help bridge the huge communication divide. It is a positive and welcome change which sooner or later will need to be incorporated.

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