Fat burning Muscular development with Old School New Body review

Old School New Body is a program that is helpful in getting a well constructed body. It helps you with information for developing a well shaped body that is an essential need for being healthy and fit. Old School New Body review is a good source of help in this process as it makes you aware of various exercises available and also helps you to know about proper healthy diet.

Principles of Old School New Body review

The program makes you aware of the F4X exercise protocol. Following F4X system will help you to turn your fat into muscle. The F4X workout involves four basic exercises – squats, bench press, bent-over rows, and upright rows. Each of these work outs need to be practiced for three days for at least 30 minutes. It is recommended to do 10 reps for each exercise in all the four sets.  Getting involved in these workout plans makes your metabolism a better one. Following the procedure also enables you to rejuvenate your joint pain. Old School New Body also proposes a proper diet that will help you to reduce joint pain. Many people are of the opinion that lifting weights initiates muscle growth but it also helps in burning your fat. This program also suggests high intensity interval training as the best means for attaining a well formed body structure.

3 week diet

Supplements for muscle development

This guide enhances your knowledge about the process of making well build body by suggesting six meals throughout the day. Intake of 25g of protein per meal is an important requirement and 20-30% of calories from fat. It also provides you with few key supplements that help in transferring fat to muscle- whey protein, branched chain amino acids and phosphatidyserine. All these supplements help you to lose fat. Phosphatidyiserine is the ingredient that helps in cortisol control. In order to have such an elaborated knowledge about maintaining a proper health the easiest way available is to consider Old School New Body review.

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