Dehumidifier working on Absorption or Adsorption Principle

Dehumidifier’s main function is to remove moisture and reduce the humidity from the air. It also removes the musty odour from the air. Thus the best dehumidifier possessing these qualities will be the first choice of the customer. The dehumidifier works either by refrigeration way or by absorption / adsorption.

Absorption/ Adsorption

Most of the dehumidifiers work on the principle of refrigeration, but there are some dehumidifiers which also work on the principleof absorption or adsorption, that is, mopping the moisture or water from the air by using water – holding substance like a sponge and then squeezing the water away. This mopping action can involve absorption or adsorption. Absorption is where the water is soaked right into something which can hold water. Adsorption refers to the picked up of water onto thesurface of some other thing.

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Working of Dehumidifier

  • The duct is used to pull in the moist air from the humid air.
  • The humidity is removed from the air which is moved passing through a large wheel that is This wheel is made up of water-absorbing materials.
  • The fan draws the air inside the unit which is operated by the electric motor.
  • The dried air is again blown back in the room.
  • There is an air duct below which is always kept hot with the help of electric heating elements.
  • The wheel that absorbs moisture rotates through the air space that is heated and also contains the hot air that has to be blown out is dried out before releasing out in the room.
  • Similarly, the air is sucked up by the fan and also by the electric motor. The best dehumidifier works on this principle rather than refrigeration principle.
  • The air which is blown out is directed by the exhaust duct.
  • The temperature of the dried air is same as the moist air originally that was present before condensing.

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